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Metal Type

High Noble – 86%, 50%

Semi-Precious – Platinum Plus

Non-Precious – Chrome Cobalt

Gold (Yellow)

Metal Type – 62%, 40%

  • Gold Custom Abutment
  • Gold Full crowns
  • Gold Inlays and Onlays
  • Gold Telescope

All Ceramic Restorations

  • IPS Emax Press – full crowns, inlays, veneers and bridges
  • Emax ZirCad – ZIRCONIA full crowns, inlays and bridges
  • Emax ZirCad – Milled ZIRCONIA Hybrid abutments
  • Gradia(GC America) – Indirect Composite Restorations


  • Argen – Milled PMMA Provisional Restoration (With or without wire reinforcement)
  • Image by Henry Schein – Heat Processed Temporary (With or without metal reinforcement)


We will use any implant system that the Doctor requests in Screw-retained, Cementable, or Screwmentable. (White gold, Chrome Cobalt, Zirconia, or Titanium)

Digital Impressions /
    Intraoral Scans

  • We accept 3shape, Carestream, itero scans
  • 3d printed models with Formlabs, designed by 3Shape and Straumann Cares Visual Software

Custom Shade

  • We provide custom shade selection for patients to come into our Lab via appointment. Our technicians will select the proper shade to make sure that the color will blend beautifully.