About Shade Taking

The shade-taking to reproduce the shades of natural teeth is critical in the process of aesthetic dentistry.

Every person has different shade in many cases, it can be somewhere between shades which makes it hard to specify precisely we like to use. So, we use photo images to make it more accurate.

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Things to keep in mind when taking shades.

  1. Do not let teeth dry.
  2. Always include the shade guide in the images. Include at least two tabs of closest shades.
  3. Adjust the angle to avoid halation on teeth.
  4. Use close-up lens.
Halation (as shown) makes it hard to observe the shade.
Include at least two shade tabs.
Bisque try-in: have all prosthetics in the image.

STUMP SHADE, always!!

STAMP SHADEFor metal free crowns, be sure to take stump shade after the preparation. A photo after prep is very helpful. If metal core is used in preparation, it may affect the color shade depending on how much is used.

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