All Ceramics Preparation Guidelines

Successful outcomes of all-ceramics (Empress, e.max, zirconia crown) depend almost solely on preparation. When making prosthetics with all-ceramics, please follow the guidelines below.

*Basic guidelines for fixing (adjusting?) the preparation.

The materials we recommend.

A P.D.S. technician speaks up

It makes me uneasy when I see an inappropriately prepared model. We can still manage to make the restoration, but then, questions start surfacing. Will it function properly? Is it aesthetically satisfactory? Will it last? Will we have the result for a successful restoration.

We do not want to compromise. Therefore, we like to consult with the dentist on any detail that we do not feel is right. Our doctors appreciate our communication with them and are happy with any suggestions we have to make the restoration process go smoothly.

Our doctors have confidence that we care about every case and produce excellent results.

A case study: The-first-time zirconia bridge

Case Study 1 The first model seems boxy overall. Undercuts are also observed.
Case Study 2 Using the gum model we adjusted it to be ideal.
Case Study 3 The model after the adjustment- edges are gone and everything’s wrapped around to the lingual side.
Case Study 4 The Zirconia bridge is now complete . The fit and margins are both great. ( The patient loved it too ! )

*The dentist for whom this was the first case of zirconia bridge, decided to re-do the preparation after we suggested it. Although time consuming for both the patient and dentist the right decision was made to re-prep and re-impress. The end result was a great restoration that the dentist, the patient and the lab were very happy with the outcome.