I love PDS lab, I have been working with them for 30 plus years. I am extremely fussy and picky. I am mechanically oriented as well and demand precision and quality design.
Their work is way above excellence. They stay on top of the most recent technology. They always have the answer to the question and do not hesitate to assist in complicated cases.
Over the past year they have taken on certain specialty education that I asked them to do for specific types of dentistry I do. This has been costly and time consuming for them They did not hesitate to spend the time and money to accept my request.
They also have always been very fair when it comes to remakes and difficult cases. Their ability to match gold and porcelain to all porcelain restorations is second to none.
I have been blessed to have them as my main laboratory support during my forty years of practicing complicated, Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Alan B. Steiner DMD

I have been with PDS from its inception. This state of the art Crown and bridge laboratory represents the backbone of my restorative practice. From its world class technicians to the knowledgeable and helpful support staff, all of my implant and esthetic needs are taken care of with the highest quality. PDS continues to be a vital resource of the latest innovations and techniques.

Donald Spitzer, D.D.S. : Wayne, New Jersey

I have been a client of Professional Dental Studio for over 20 years utilizing their services in crown and bridge, implant reconstruction, inlays and onlays. Their service and commitment to excellence has always been without equal on a consistent basis.