Our Lab and You

PDS=Perfectly Designed Smile


Professional Dental Studio’s mission is to provide each dentist and each patient with the best possible dental treatment and service. We want the dentist to deliver exceptional restorations to improve the patient’s dental health and appearance. We will make sure each dentist receives the best crown and bridge work available and that each patient has a Perfectly Designed Smile.

We communicate intensively for the best outcome. Perfect smile comes from our Triangular Communication between patients, dentists, and technicians. We communicate to discuss every detail so that the outcome will be brought to perfection.

Our job is to provide total support for patients through our dentists.

We treat every case seriously.

P.D.S. is a small dental lab with 12 staff members who are the most talented and qualified technicians in the dental field. To maintain the quality of our crown and bridge restorations we keep open communication with dentists to meet every patient’s unique needs. We make sure our restorations always deliver to the high expectations that our dentist expect from P.D.S. We want to build stable and loyal relationships and become part of a specialized team with the dentist and the lab.

Our prosthesis are examined thoroughly in three criteria: Fit, Occlusion, and Aesthetic. Because our products have direct contact with oral cavity and stay there for a long period of time, we make sure they meet our highest standard in each of those criteria for the best performance.

Kuniaki IijimaOur founder Kuniaki Iijima takes a hands on approach to every case. From model and die trimming to the finished crown Kuniaki’s policy is to check each step and make sure even the smallest detail has been executed correctly.

Kuniaki says, “Being a conveyor that pops out products does not make us grow as professionals.”

We are Elite Prosthetics Craftsman

To realize the “Perfectly Designed Smile”, we work as the craftsman that teams up with dentists to help with the planning process before the treatments starts (e.g., wax-up). We connect via Skype as needed, and participate in such process as cavity photo-shooting, or shade taking, etc.

We carefully select our materials.

We carefully examine and with the dentist select which materials are to be used for the restoration by taking into consideration the type of treatment (e.g., crown, bridge, implant and soldering fit) before finalizing the selection of the metals such as ceramic, or hybrid resin. We also use bio-compatible metals to avoid allergic reaction.

Our goal is integration as professionals.

We are proudly never satisfied with where we are now. We always push to update ourselves with the newest information and technique. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and software available to dental labs. 

Never stop learning! That is our professional motto and basis for our success over the past 25 years.